Community Rules

Hi Everyone!

After a short(?) period of hiatus, Sweet Utopians is back with new rules. Please make sure you read the rules before you try to join this community. I will not be responsible with any circumstances from you not following the rules before AND after joining. Make sure you comment on this post after reading with at least 3 rules of your own wordings. Make sure the 3 rules are from For Members and not For Scanlation Groups.

Do not pm me for any reason if you got rejected. There is a reason you got rejected and the reason why will be stated in this post!

For Members
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For Scanlation Groups
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Do not delete comments after joining. All comments are already sent to me through my email. This will only give you a warning.

Hiatus on everything

Hello everyone.

I should have written this earlier, but I'm finally writing it now.
Sweet Utopians will be having a short hiatus until around August 30th(8/30).
That means,

No Release
No New Member Acceptance.

New Member acceptance may occur around mid August, but definitely not before then.

Reasons for this is because 

1. Work. I'm not suppose to be fooling around like I am right now, so I won't be able to check stuffs
2. Working on releasing a novel type doujinshi for August SCW in Korea.(KuroBasu and Fate/Zero) Still have tons to write @_@

So, therefore I won't be showing up on lj for a while.
New comers are free to request to join, after reading the rules, but please do not expect me to accept your request anytime soon.
I'm sorry for those how have been waiting for a long time. Please be patient thanks!

New Community

I have created a new community doujin_sky!
This community is for reviews/recommendations only, so will contain no such links for downloading. The purpose I have created this community is so that people can recommend doujinshis they like love to other people so that others who read the reviews feels that they want the actual copies for them. There's no limit to genres of doujinshis that you wish to recommend!
Membership is opened to anyone so feel free to join and recommend whatever you want!

Both sweet_utopians and doujin_sky are seeking for affiliates! Please pm me if you are interested with your community banner, size 88 x 31 preferred.

New rule added

Just want everyone to know, a new rule has been added to the rules post.

15. Do not, NEVER request to scan anything from Future Scan list. Requests are never accepted by any chance.

The reason I added this is because I've been getting few messages recently regarding this requesting thing. I wouldn't have mind if only one member has asked, but since I'm getting several messages, it kind of makes me bit irritated.

There are some doujinshis that I treasure, and is hesitant on scanning them since scanning makes books to bend. I don't know if it's just me, but I like to have my books, not just doujinshis but other regular novel books, to be clean and unbent as possible.(I know some people might be different since my sister likes her books to be bit weary so that it makes her feel that she actually read them) In the past, I have tried to scan one doujinshi that I really treasure, and nearly cried from seeing it bending while I was scanning it. I know it's ridiculous but since I really love it.. Like I've said before, my Future Scan list is just a maybe, and I don't mind if somebody else does/can scan the doujinshis. 

Everybody who is a member should know that I do not ask for any donations, once more said, so at least let me choose which doujinshis I want to scan for myself. There will be times when post a poll for which ones you might want me to scan, but those are some that I actually don't mind and planned on scanning in the near future either way.

Also, since I want to get new doujinshis for myself which I might scan and post on the community, I have to sell some doujinshis and I'd like the doujinshis to be in like new conditions when they are sold to their new owners. I'm sure that all collectors will like their doujinshis to be in either new or like new condition when they get it.(Like I do :3)

I don't mind "I'd like to see them" but I personally do not want any "Can you scan xxx?". So please do not ask me to scan any doujinshis before others. I'm a bit sadistic in a way so if you ask me to scan for something, it can rather make me not wanting to scan the doujinshi that you ask. If there's any time I "may" accept a request, that will be when a friend of mine ask. Even that is only for a concern.

Sorry for another long unrelated post, but right now I'm not in the best mood because of my busy real life. Hope everyone understands me for this!

Future Scan List Update

Another list update on Future Scan List :D

This list is just a 'maybe'. The doujinshis on the Future List might disappear if I don't feel like scanning it anymore or can't help but selling them since I lack in money.

Unfortunately I don't plan on scanning any doujinshis right now. Of course school is the major reason but I've recently cleaned my house and moved my laptop to my kitchen table, which is not that big. The printer is on the floor so it's quite hard for me to scan doujinshis like I did before. I don't know when I'm gonna put my laptop back down to my lower study desk(similar to kotatsu without any heating system), but until then, I don't think I'm going to scan any. For some reason my house becomes absolutely dirty if I have my study desk out so I'm trying not to bring it out if possible.

Well, I definitely plan on scanning few before I leave for vacation on May, so before then, here's the new items that were added!

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LEGO! is a circle that I'm newly getting into right now. I can say... this circle is the main reason for me to start watching Uta no Prince-sama lol Glad she draws Tokiya x Otoya since that's the main pairing that I like in that anime/game apart from Otoya x Haruka.

Regarding community banner

To. Sweet Utopians Affiliates,
It's been a while since this happened, but I thought it was something temporary so I was letting it go, yet it looks like it's not so here's the new link to the banner.

Banner Link:
Link to:

Please change the banner to the following link if you are using this one instead of the other one with Uni.

Regarding joining the community, etc.

Okay, recently there's been a lot of people who have requested to join the community, but got rejected. The major reason for this is because they did not follow the steps on the rules post. I'm sure there was about 100+ users. Before, I rejected these people without giving any reason, but now I do right down saying "Please read the community rules post". Funny thing is that there are few people who constantly request to join even when they were rejected 2~3 times. 

So again, if you wish to join, MAKE SURE you read the community rules carefully. 

Community Rules

I am currently hosting a group order for Toranoana, K-Books, and Livret. This is a great opportunity for users to get the actual doujinshi on their hands if they don't have any other routes to get it or rather than just waiting groups to scan them. Also, like what many communities write down, this is also a great opportunity to "support doujishinkas by buying their books".

Toranoana, K-Books, and Livret

The due date for this group order is February 28th, 11:59pm EST.

New poll! This time it's about the next release :D This time I won't be so broad and choose specific doujinshis for the poll :P You can choose only 1 doujinshi so think carefully before you press to vote :D This is to prevent people from voting all choices like the last poll.

Any doujishis with asterisks(*) are doujinshis that are already scanned and just need to be cropped/leveled.

This poll is closed.

Which doujinshi do you want next?

DRRR!!- Love me My Honey(Delic x Hibiya)
DRRR!!- Sora kara Nibanme(Shizuo, Tom, Kasuka)
InaIre- Alive&Kickin'(All chara) Korean
InaIre- Perspective Study~(Endo x Natsumi, Kido)*
KHR- Judgment(Enma -> Tsuna) Korean
Magi- We are Family(Sindbad x Jafar+All chara) Korean
Magi- Honey in the Trap(Sindbad x Jafar) Korean
APH- Lost Ground(Russia x Prussia)*
F/Z- Voice(Lancer&Saber)
OreImo- Choice!- First(Akagi x Kyosuke)*


Future Scan List Update/Poll

New Doujinshis have arrived! I still have more Pokemon doujinshis to come, but so far I have finally updated with my future scan list with the new doujinshis that I just got and brought from Korea :D
If you have joined the group order and wondering why Payment 3 invoice is not coming, I'd like to say that somehow LJ isn't sending them even when they say message was successfully sent.(I've checked it with all of my accounts..)

Updated Future List!!
- Newly added for : Durarara, Inazuma Eleven, Magi, AoEx, Hetalia, Pokemon, Toaru, Fate/Zero, etc.

I have 2 polls that I'd like members to participate. First one is about which series I should scan and the other is about if the community should be more open and be advertised to other communities.
Please give me your thoughts!!!

You can choose up to 3 series that you'll like
This poll is closed.

Which Series would you like to be scanned next?

Inazuma Eleven
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Magi-the labyrinth of magic-
Ao no Exorcist
Tiger & Bunny
To aru Majutsu no Index

Should the community be more open?


Doujinshis on "Other" category couldn't be on the list because of the Max number but if you have a doujinshi wished to be scanned from there, let me know :D 

If you have a specific doujinshi that you want to be scanned on the Future List, let me know :D I know it's kinda vague but if several members happen to choose the same doujinshis, I'll have that one definitely on my top list for scanning. However, I might be hesitant on THICK or KOREAN doujinshis :P

It'll be great if you can give some thoughts about the 2nd poll as well. I know I've been quite closed at posting on other communities because of my past issue with some people, who happens to be on some other communities that I'm a member of, but sometimes I kinda feel that I'm being to strict. So I'd like to know how you guys think as well. The more thoughts I get, it'll be a lot helpful for the community to grow :D

Help me by commenting your thoughts!

Back home now

I came back to the US just 2 days ago :) Had fun in Korea with my friends XD
Well, before I go to bed to get ready for a new semester that's starting tom.. wait, today, I'd just want to say that my sales post is now open again :)
As I mentioned before, my sales page is the only way I get any profit to purchase new doujinshis. If you would like me to get new doujinshis to scan and want to get some of the copies in your own hand, feel free check my sales page :D 

You can click the picture to check the sales page.

Well, will be heading to my bed now!

Future Scan list updated

I got a huge package of new/used doujinshis so my Future list is now updated.
You can see why I'm so poor right now...
And this is not all... I still have more coming.. just have some issues with the post office.. :P
I haven't really checked if the new ones are already scanned, especially Hetalia ones, so if anybody do know, please tell me :) Surprisingly I don't have any DRRR doujinshis lol This time the genre for all of the doujinshis are all different :P
My favorite of all is NxTouya from Pokemon BW. Can't believe I was able to find it XD

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