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Sweet Utopians
Future Scan list updated 
1st-Dec-2011 12:52 am
I got a huge package of new/used doujinshis so my Future list is now updated.
You can see why I'm so poor right now...
And this is not all... I still have more coming.. just have some issues with the post office.. :P
I haven't really checked if the new ones are already scanned, especially Hetalia ones, so if anybody do know, please tell me :) Surprisingly I don't have any DRRR doujinshis lol This time the genre for all of the doujinshis are all different :P
My favorite of all is NxTouya from Pokemon BW. Can't believe I was able to find it XD

4th-Dec-2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah :P I actually got more doujinshis few days ago, finally. It makes me happy getting them but also sad becuause now I'm broke :P I need expenses to use when I am in Korea... TT^TT This is what you say 지름신과 파산신은 함께 온다ㅋ
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