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Sweet Utopians
New rule added 
26th-Mar-2012 07:32 pm
Just want everyone to know, a new rule has been added to the rules post.

15. Do not, NEVER request to scan anything from Future Scan list. Requests are never accepted by any chance.

The reason I added this is because I've been getting few messages recently regarding this requesting thing. I wouldn't have mind if only one member has asked, but since I'm getting several messages, it kind of makes me bit irritated.

There are some doujinshis that I treasure, and is hesitant on scanning them since scanning makes books to bend. I don't know if it's just me, but I like to have my books, not just doujinshis but other regular novel books, to be clean and unbent as possible.(I know some people might be different since my sister likes her books to be bit weary so that it makes her feel that she actually read them) In the past, I have tried to scan one doujinshi that I really treasure, and nearly cried from seeing it bending while I was scanning it. I know it's ridiculous but since I really love it.. Like I've said before, my Future Scan list is just a maybe, and I don't mind if somebody else does/can scan the doujinshis. 

Everybody who is a member should know that I do not ask for any donations, once more said, so at least let me choose which doujinshis I want to scan for myself. There will be times when post a poll for which ones you might want me to scan, but those are some that I actually don't mind and planned on scanning in the near future either way.

Also, since I want to get new doujinshis for myself which I might scan and post on the community, I have to sell some doujinshis and I'd like the doujinshis to be in like new conditions when they are sold to their new owners. I'm sure that all collectors will like their doujinshis to be in either new or like new condition when they get it.(Like I do :3)

I don't mind "I'd like to see them" but I personally do not want any "Can you scan xxx?". So please do not ask me to scan any doujinshis before others. I'm a bit sadistic in a way so if you ask me to scan for something, it can rather make me not wanting to scan the doujinshi that you ask. If there's any time I "may" accept a request, that will be when a friend of mine ask. Even that is only for a concern.

Sorry for another long unrelated post, but right now I'm not in the best mood because of my busy real life. Hope everyone understands me for this!
27th-Mar-2012 05:37 pm (UTC)
Hello! I agree with the new rule, I'm sure the most of us are happy anything you will like to scan and share, in the order you prefer, according with your business! Good luck for your next project and life!
27th-Mar-2012 05:58 pm (UTC)
I'm really sorry if my words offended you......? (ToT)
I know the feeling of cherishing the books. I, too, feel the same since I no longer scan my stuff either due to this. Scanning properly means to bend the books in the process which I can no longer allow myself to do so. I always ended up frustrated seeing my books in such a terrible state.

As I mentioned in the past, I really appreciate you don't ask for donations because I believe donating feels like stealing money from others IMO since well in the end, the scanner will be the one to own the books...

And please do take your time, real life always comes first!
28th-Mar-2012 11:49 pm (UTC)
I was never offended by you actually :) You don't really say to scan anything fast and sometimes our preferences seems to match.

Yeah... I cherish my books too, which is another reason why I never bothered scanning any Hummel's books for Durarara. I would do the same for Bon's but since not a lot of people seem to have her books :P My old scans are severely damaged since I wasn't really skilled back then. :(

Thanks for understanding!
31st-Mar-2012 07:47 pm (UTC)
Is that so, then what a relief!!! >w<

I did notice you wouldn't scan any Hummel's books, hers really are something after all. Bon's is my favorite circle of all so I can only feel the same. I'm also surprised to see that fewer people owning Bon's books! At the same time, I believe her books get fast out of stock, I'm glad to have been able to get them♥

When I used to scan my books, I'd felt so depressed about the damage that I had no choice but to get a duplicate copy which was awful considering my budget...
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