Help wanted!

I'm looking for this doujinshi by 23 カラットの星(23carat*). 
Title is 弟を欲しがったら兄貴が弟になった話。:前
I'm trying to collect all her books and this is the only one that's left.
I have the 1st 2 already and will be getting the rest with direct order(hopefully), but this is the only one that I can't find anywhere.
It's not even on online shops nor auctions.

If anybody can help me get this book, please tell me!

Future Scan List

Here's my future project list. The list may expand and I cannot promise that the doujinshis will be scanned for sure.  

Anything that's done scanning and ready to be up will have  next to it
Anything that's newly added to the list will have  next to it.

Please tell me if a doujinshi has been scanned or scanlated before, or planned to be, so I don't need to scan another one by bending my doujinshis :P

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 Hi Everyone,

Okay. I'm quite in the bitchiest mode I can be after a long time, so I'm gonna be asking for your understanding if I happen to show my huge temper and write like an immature young bitch.

But before I write anything else,


I know it sounds unfortunate, but as I mentioned I'm not in the best mood right now after having to write this when I'm suppose to be focusing on my summer course works.
Enma's face is how my heart is like right now.
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Since this is a personal scanning community, I guess I don't really need to wait for anyone to gather their thoughts. I'll be shutting the community. I do not know if I'm going to be coming back or decide to disappear from the community forever.
1. Sweet Utopians is no longer accepting new members
2. ALL current links to any files have been removed.
3. Current members, who have joined any groups affiliated with Yaoi-Sei will be removed later on.
4. Anyone who's birth-year doesn't show or younger than 18 will be removed later on.
- If you were removed because your birthyear didn't show up, you will get the chance of coming back. Please ask for invitations later)

PS. I'm still undecided with what I'll be asking for the scanlation groups who are planning to release projects with my scans. I'll be talking to them and see how's their progresses for each are and decide later.

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